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Thanks to Almighty Allah who gave me courage and understanding to start and complete this work in the form of website. It is is my third Website after Mugheri Tribe & Encyclopedia of Baloch Tribes over the global & fastest channel an 'internet'. My article about history of Mugheri tribe has also been published on World's top ranking & largest Encyclopedia that is "Wikipedia", Moreover I wrote a Magazaine in Urdu on the hitory of Mugheri tribe, which is available in PDF on my all websites. Thus dedicate my Article, Urdu Magazine & Mugheri tribe website to my beloved Mugheri tribe and my heartiest wishes are always for them. For long time I was anxious to know the history of my caste but I didn't find any description from several books, online and even Chiefs of tribe were unable to provide any authentic elaboration, well I started my research work while studying matric at cadet college and thus i got enough knowlege about my caste in all aspects in final year of university.
I hope u'l help me to improve this website & don't hesitate to enquire thanks! 
                                                                                                                                       Engr. Mir Iqbal Mugheri

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